What's A Wedding Without DiPaolo's Italian Cookies

Wedding without DiPaolo Italian Cookies is like they say......A day without sunshine. From full size platers of Italina cookies to smaller tabler packages for each guest, DiPaolo's delicious Italian cookies will be the hit of yor wedding.

Wedding Cupcakes

The new thing with wedding today are cupcake wedding/cake desserts.  Many brides are choosing either a edding cake  made up of cupcakes or having a smaller wedding cake with cupcakes surrounding it .


DiPailo's can design cupackes in any style you want.  From full wedding cake style cuplcakes to cupcake that look like the main wedding cake.  Whether fancy or plain DiPaolo's can make your wedding dessert the perfect one.

Beautiful and Delicious DiPaolo Wedding Cakes

No one takes more effort in making your wedding cake as specail as the day itself.  Whether you choose from the many different styles we have or have your own idea  how you want your cake, DiPaolo's can do it.


We'll have you come in and tell us all about your wedding from the style wedding it will be to the colors of your bridesmaid dresses.  Then come up with a design and cake color(s) to fit your wedding.


For generations brides and grooms have loved DiPailo's wedding cakes.



Wedding Cakes, Italian Cookies and Cupcakes

Top off your wedding with desserts from DiPaolo's

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